• Top 6 Bestseller Cake Designs for Whopping Party Bash

    Top 6 Bestseller Cake Designs for Whopping Party Bash

    In modern times, cake cutting is not just limited to birthdays and Christmas celebrations alone. Whether it is a grand wedding reception, anniversary, or a party to recognize a recent success, the occasion misses the glam without a nice designer cake on the center table. The traditional cake designs with simple toppings are eventually becoming too regular and boring. If you are looking for something different too, explore the following Cake to Jaipur designs 2018 when sending one next time to someone special.


    # 1 Flower Cakes

    No, it is not the regular rose frosting on your regular chocolate or red velvet cake. The modern-day flower cakes are decorated with real organic edible flower petals resembling the look of a garden full of blossoming floral ecstasy.


    #2 Character Cakes

    No matter what innovations are being introduced by the cake designers, the demand for the character cakes continues to be extremely high especially for kids birthday parties. Spiderman, Pokemon, Batman, and a whole lot of characters are gaining very high popularity among children raising the orders for custom designed character cakes.


    #3 Square Cakes

    When asking the online service, https://www.caketoindia.com/jaipur-cake.htm, to send a Cake to Jaipur, do not get confused in ordering the regular square shape cakes. The square cake is the term used to describe the newest design in form of a cube. Yes, the height of these cakes is same as the other dimensions so it is more of a cube cake than a square cake. If you like a very neat frosting on the cake with no design or artistry, then this is perhaps an unbeatable option.


    #4 Zero Frosting Cakes

    These cakes are popularly called the nude cakes having almost no frosting so that you can sponge layers and the fillings very clearly. Appealing mostly to the health-conscious generation next youths, these cakes are creative and astonishingly very appetizing. Mostly topped with berries and nuts, you can go with any type of filling from sour cream with cranberry sauce and so on.


    #5 Sprinkles Cakes

    Those who are bored with the monotony of the chocolate and vanilla frosting designs can go trendy next time with the magnificent colorful sprinkles cake. The sugary star sprinkles pop colors are the most popular options, you can go for any other shape depending on your choices.


    #6 Dripping Cakes

    When you simply cannot do away with that chocolate sauce or want more of the raspberry sauce on the regular cake, opt for the drip cakes. The cake has a design of the sauce dripping from the top to the bottom preferably with any colored ganache, chocolate, caramel or anything else.


    Now that people tend to celebrate every event with cakes, you must have something spectacular to attract the guests to cut big slices of the luscious cake. Thankfully, the online Cake to Jaipur delivery has the ideal solution for all your needs. So, the next time, you are in need of ordering a cake, from https://www.caketoindia.com, do incorporate any one of the above ideas to give your guests the sense of refreshment.

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